Recommendation of new sofa durability test machine
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Recommendation of new sofa durability test machine

Sofa durability test machine is our company's early research and development of the machine, in the market after the grinding, is becoming more and more perfect in front of the tester. The sofa durability test machine is mainly used for the inspection of the durability of the sofa seat and the backrest of the armrest.
There are different test plans for different sofa. At present, it is mainly divided into single person position and three person position. Sofa durability tester can achieve one machine test. PLC touch screen control and display is very simple and convenient in operation. The pressure value adjustment uses the servo valve and the computer automatically adjusts. The machine configuration is high performance control cylinder, each cylinder head is equipped with a mechanical sensor, high accuracy, resolution of 1/10000N force sensor, displacement measurement accuracy of 0.5mm.
The sofa durability test machine seat loading module, back loading module and handrail loading module can be customized according to the requirements, and the loading frequency can be adjusted within the standard range. In addition, our company also produce and sell all kinds of durability testing machine, such as mattress durability testing machine, office chair armrest durability testing machine, foam durability testing machine, there are all kinds of sofas, office chairs and other furniture testing equipment, such as sofa compression testing machine, static load test machine, sofa sofa impact test machine, sofa drop test machine performance comprehensive mechanical table, office furniture and so on, welcome to order!

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