Desktop horizontal endurance tester recommended
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Desktop horizontal endurance tester recommended

Test in the use of desktop level durability testing machine, the first dimension of what the actual measurement of the sample we need, and carefully check the quality of parts and components with record defects, to distinguish defects of test samples are generated by test. In the test after the re test sample size and check in accordance with the standard requirements of quality assessment on the sample, the main assessment contents include hardware fittings, connector is loose, the switch device activities whether the component parts are flexible, appear serious influence the use function of the abrasion or deformation, fracture and other parts are.
Our production and sales of desktop level endurance testing machine has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, easy to learn and easy to use, suitable for various types of company purchases in use, the test will be distributed load on the desktop, load quality should be to just be able to prevent the table in the test when tipping is appropriate, but most can not exceed 100kg. Then, according to the number of times specified in the standard, the 150N force is applied to the main desktop or vice desktop to predict the most easily deformed parts through the loading pad. The center of the loading pad is not less than 50mm on any side of the table. Each afterburner shall be completed within about 1s in the afterburning process from zero to 150N and then to zero. If the load is 100kg on the table, the table will turn over when the test is done. The force should be reduced to the extent that the table has not been turned over. Then the test will be done according to the reduced force and the actual force will be recorded. Measurement of deflection of the desktop from the horizontal line at the first and last afterburner. The first and last booster loads at least 10s. After the test, the overall structure of the table was checked and the defects were evaluated according to the sixth chapter of the standard.
In addition, the needs of our production set of standard equipment, including the impact of office chair test frame machine, testing machine, furniture, office chair armrest chair durability test machine, drop tester, office chairs, tables and chairs cabinet cairica compression testing machine integrated strength test table, office chair casters wear test rig, lock durability testing machine and the drawer rail fatigue test machine and so on, if necessary, welcome to inquire!

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