Test machine recommended for ASTM D6055 Mechanical Handling of Unitized Loads and Large Shipping Cases and Crates
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Test machine recommended for ASTM D6055 Mechanical Handling of Unitized Loads and Large Shipping Cases and Crates

The transportation industry friends all know, there are a lot of special transportation situation needs to carry on the simulation test, vibration test, such as sea freight in the salt fog test, no matter what kind of transportation, there will be some containers and large crates full of them, these large boxes either load or external force resistance are very as for the specific strength of the strong, we also need to test.
In the transport package inspection, the ISTA series standards have been clearly described, and the ASTM D6055 we are referring to today is a test method for unified load and mechanized handling of large shipping containers and containers.
These test methods are designed for use in most cases with the actual equipment to be used in load handling. These test methods may be used in evaluating the shipping unit as to suitability for mechanical handling by standard user-specified load-handling equipment. These test methods will allow the user to determine integrity and stability of the load as well as provide guidance to improve the design of the unit load where deficiencies are found. Damage to products or packages observed during testing may be expected to correlate at least in a qualitative way to damage observed in actual distribution handling systems.
We recommend a large crate of mechanical processing testing machine for today, we usually called packing clamping test machine, the test machine was used to simulate the loading and unloading clamp packages, two splint clamping force effect on the package and the goods produced, assessment package clamp strength for resistance. Kitchenware, furniture and home appliances, toys and other large packaging, the testing machine can realize the clamping and opening, up and down movements and cycles, equipped with force sensors and a digital display, to calibrate the clamping force. If necessary, you can contact us by telephone!

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