Tensile Strength Tester
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  • Product Name:Leather Softness Tester
  • Product Model:BA-104
  • Product Introduction:Description Leather softness tester is designed for measuring the leather and animal skins the soft...
  • Product Name:Micro Tensile Strength Testing Machine
  • Product Model:BA-10C-1
  • Product Introduction:This is a material tensile testing equipment and widely used in the determination of plastic films, ...
  • Product Name: Pull / Torsion Testing Machine
  • Product Model: BA-10TT
  • Product Introduction:Description This Pull / Torsion Testing Machine are used to confirm: Its terminals are attached to ...
  • Product Name: Pull / Torsion Testing MachineProduct
  • Product Model: BA-10TT
  • Product Introduction:This machine’s tensile and torque capacity can be adjustment. It is suitable for small objects or st...
  • Product Name:Micro Tensile Strength Testing Machine
  • Product Model:BA-10A-1
  • Product Introduction:This machine uses high-precision sensor sensing, suitable for rubber, plastic, aluminum pipe, compos...
  • Product Name:The Torsion Testing Machine
  • Product Model:BA-10TT
  • Product Introduction:Description To determine whether the attachment end leads to the body and its components can withst...
  • Product Name:Peel Strength tester
  • Product Model:BA-10C-1
  • Product Introduction:Peel Strength tester   This series`tensile strength testers are widely applied to determining...
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