Micro Tensile Strength Testing Machine (Double Column)
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Micro Tensile Strength Testing Machine (Double Column)

Micro Tensile Strength Testing Machine (Double Column)
Product Name: Micro Tensile Strength Testing Machine (Double Column)
Product Model: BA-100A
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Micro Tensile Strength Testing Machine (Double Column) Detail Introduction
Micro Tensile Strength Testing Machine (Double Column)
The equipment for the material tensile testing equipment, widely used in the determination of plastic films, laminated materials, flexible packaging materials, plastic hoses, adhesives, adhesive tape, stickers, medical patches, protective film, release paper, metal foil, diaphragm, back material, non-woven, rubber, paper, fiber and other materials, tensile strength, shear strength, tear strength, peel strength and other mechanical properties.

Product Features:
Comply with ASTM D903, F2258, GB / T 2790/2791/2792, CNS-11888, JIS K6854, GB / T 6329, BS EN 14410-2003, YY / T 0729, GOST 21751 and other standards.

1. Fixture features:
※ with different test fixture to meet a variety of industries for different materials,semi-finished and finished products testing the mechanical properties of theassociated (90 ° peel, plastic packaging, wire stretch, stretch film, stretch rubber, single strands stretched, four-point bending, and spring compression).

※ Using the latest 32 Yuan industrial grade microprocessor, in line with OIML Ⅲgrade measurement standards.

※ has breakpoints, given tensile strength of a variety of control methods, theproduct can test tensile strength, elongation, deformation??? Volume and other parameters.

※ Measurement and correction, with correction to restore memory function,measurement uncertainty can be avoided when the experimental parameters isunstable, Restore to the initial steady state calibration and accuracy range.

※ settable zero tracking range, filtering parameters, so that when running indifferent environments to ensure that the process of test status Collection ofinformation fast, stable and accurate.

※ Load overload protection, emergency shutdown device to protect the upper andlower travel limit devices, ultra-displacement protection, mechanical force Safetylimit protection.

※ Abnormal equipment operation automatically prompts function, automaticanalysis of the cause, to facilitate timely and efficient and effective handlingexceptions, to ensure reliable operation of the experiment.

※ Clock display parameters can be set freely, simultaneous international scheduleand automatically update, can effectively maintain power under circumstancesOne week.

※flexible parallel printer type selection function, the machine is equipped with afast & P SP-EF32PK micro-printer (optional Select Chinese or English display),and the other optional 24 dot-matrix printer, Panasonic KX-P1121.

※ has more than 500,000 sets of results data retention function, can easily view,delete a single set of data, the overall data is cleared from automatically calculates the average, maximum and print

Specifications & parameters:

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