Servo Tensile Strength Testing Machine
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Servo Tensile Strength Testing Machine

Servo Tensile Strength Testing Machine
Product Name: Servo Tensile Strength Testing Machine
Product Model:BA-10SC
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Servo Tensile Strength Testing Machine Detail Introduction
Servo Tensile Strength Testing Machine
Servo tensile strength testing machine is suitable for the determination of plastic films, laminated materials, flexible packaging materials, plastic hoses, adhesives, adhesive tape, stickers, medical patches, protective film, release paper, the combination of cover, foil, diaphragm, back material, non-woven, rubber, paper fibers and other materials in tension, compression, bending, shearing, tearing, peeling, puncture, three-point bending and other mechanical properties of the state and the relevant physical parameters related to strengthProduct Features:

※ with different test fixture, meet a variety of industries for different finishedproducts and materials related to the mechanical performance testing.

※Smart environmentally friendly energy-saving TM2101 control system, input andoutput interfaces are made of high-speed optical isolation technology, withPrepare a strong anti-jamming capability

※ User friendly interface, powerful data analysis and statistics and graphicalanalysis aids curve, with zoom, pan, crosshairs, and take other functions※ Digital calibration system, the calibration process is simple and efficient,double-bit machine calibration data protection.

※ up to more than 400 by the computer automatically calculates the results for theuser to select the call (the most vigorous, fracture strength, peel strength, tensile strength, shear strength, tear strength, maximum deformation, yield strength, elongation, elasticity modulus, ring stiffness, non-proportional elongation, minimum force interval, interval average force, power take constant elongation, elongation, etc. scheduled to take power).

※ Industry innovation of Microsoft Word report format, easy to use, as long as youuse Word, you can edit the report you want to fine※ Authorization management system that allows you to lock any of the softwarefunction modules, the software operation into multiple authorization levels, not being authorized personnel can not reach unauthorized modules, safer and more reliable operation of the software.

※ Powerful unit system can be adapted to any of the world system of units, such asthe force value units gf, kgf, N, kN, tf, lbf, ozf, tf (SI), tf (long), tf (short) wait for choice, multiple units can be extended arbitrarily.

※ More important protection mechanism: strength, stroke, displacementover-range protection setting, upper and lower limit switch hardware protection bit setting.

※ Test data management is simple and intuitive and efficient: a single testinformation to the Windows standard form of documentation storage, free to set storage path and file name. Avoid the traditional database monitoring software for test data storage format database files will become increasingly large and cause the software to run more slowly shortcomings. As long as your hard disk is large enough, the test data can be stored unlimited.

※ Special scalable features: rich interface expansion capability: Up to 4 channel24-bit analog inputs, three 16-bit analog output, pulse output 3-way, 3-way AB phase optical encoder inputs, 9 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs, 1 USB interface, 1 RS232 interface, 1 RS485 interface, four kinds of LCD interface, a parallel printer interface miniature, a miniature printer serial interface, an 8 × 4 matrix keyboard interfaceSpecifications & parameters:

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