Formaldehyde Climate Test Chamber
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Formaldehyde Climate Test Chamber

Formaldehyde Climate Test Chamber
Product Name: Formaldehyde Climate Test Chamber
Product Model:BA-TH408
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Formaldehyde Climate Test Chamber Detail Introduction
Formaldehyde Climate Test Chamber

Through standard test environment (such as a specified temperature, relative humidity, air exchange rate and airflow rate) or analog real indoor environment test the amount of formaldehyde emission.Test Standard: GB LY-T 1612-2004

Product Features:
※ Dew-point method adjust the air humidity※ Imported high-precision temperature and humidity sensors※ Electronic Flow meter controls the gas flow
※ Test chamber pressure is automatically control※ Test chamber has cleaning function※ Air compressors without oil, special air cleaning system※ Pressure transmitter differential pressure test pressure※ Full view glass door※ Member for detecting the test port is energized, verification test organisms
uniform distribution chamber 2 to 4 sampling port※ Imported frozen, refrigerating element, stable operation, long service life※ Low-level protection: Dew Point chamber has a low water alarm, air burning
protection※ Test chamber stainless steel wall, smooth, circular design, test cabin structure is
extremely simple, minimal adsorption※ Sampling hole: Test box above or another location can be specified※ Before a test is completed, the test chamber by sweeping, high temperature
cleaning, restoring temperature and humidity test conditions (about 3 hours), the
background concentration inside the test chamber to meet the requirements of

Specifications & parameters:

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