Cornell Type Tester
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Cornell Type Tester

Cornell Type Tester
Product Name: Cornell Type Tester
Product Model:BA-7140C
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Cornell Type Tester Detail Introduction
Cornell Type Tester
1. high speed impact fatigue tests (automatic regulation impacting travel and load (MAX= 1025N,MIN= 22N)):
2. automatic measurement of different stage of depression and resilience:
3. the mattress thickness and thickness measurement of variations in:
4. export loss of compression test data, computer-edited reports:
5. Control: servo motor +Servo control system
6. sample size: L2200mm* D2200m*D360mm
7. test speeds: (100~160)/min
8. the deflection test: (1~200) mm/min:
9. the test load mold/specifications: oval: 215*355mm,R108 shock pad, weight: 11.5kg
10. drive/measuring systems: 1. automatic shock travel adjustment system, 2.
measurement of thickness and the rate of loss drives:
11. weight of about 1120Kg
12. power supply 220V,16A,1500W
13. Size 286*230*66cm (L*H*D)
 1) throughout the test procedure does not need to staff care, automatic test, automatically records data and export:
 2) saves users of human resources, improve the efficiency of user testing:
 3) automatic test equipment can be the night and morning to complete 100,000 shocks when test results are obtained, within 24 hours to test two products:

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