Castor Bumpy Tester is recommended
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Castor Bumpy Tester is recommended 

Castor Bumpy Tester is designed to determine the durability of casters of a luggage, which is rubbed against a coarse surface of leather. The casters are checked for damage after the luggage is being rubbed for a given stroke.
Castor Bumpy Tester is used for wheeled suitcase, bags and baby carriages....a walking test ,test the quality of the luggage when walking around. From the test mileage, test speed, we can know the heat rupture of wheel, loss volume of the wheel, any deformation of the integral construction.
Some of the parameters are as follows: 
Speed:102 rpm
Stroke:2.23 mile/hr
Power:1 , AC 220V, 5A (or specified )

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