Incline Impact Tester to meet the requirements of ISO2244
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Incline Impact Tester to meet the requirements of ISO2244

Incline Impact Tester is designed to determine the resistance of furniture to impact. A motor-drive chain is used to control the movement of the workbench, on which the furniture hits the stop plate at a given speed. After testing, check the furniture for damage.
With the use of touch screen, it is easy to set impact speed and times for test, and it can automatically calculate the test stroke. It will stop autom atically after the set value is reached.
This International Standard specifies methods of horizontal impact testing (horizontal or inclined plane test and pendulum test) on a complete, filled transport package or a unit load. The test may be performed either as a single test to investigate the effects of horizontal impact or as part of a sequence of tests designed to measure the ability of a package or a unit load to withstand a distribution system that includes a horizontal impact hazard.
Some of the parameters are as follows:
Test speed:1.75 m/sec(adjustable)
Test angle:10°
Impact stroke:0~1600 mm
Power supply 3∮, AC 380V(or user-defined)

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