Information about the Luggage Vibration Tester
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Information about the Luggage Vibration Tester 

Luggage Vibration Tester is designed for determining the resistance of all parts of a luggage such as handle strap, seam, and luggage body to fatigue. The luggage containing a specified load such as sandbag is repeatedly vibrated up and down at a given travel until the luggage is damaged and falls. The machine stops then automatically.
Luggage Vibration Tester can also be called Vibration Impact Tester applies for luggage vibrate impact resistant test, like handbag, luggage, golf bag, stitch parts. Test method is put some load on , impact 30times in a min. with the distance of 1 inch, test time can set from 0-999999 times, while in many times, the machine will stop by its own and the specimen dropped off , this can be the reference data for improvement.
Here are some simple parameters, for details please contact us, thank you!
Test Stroke:5s
Counter:LCD 0~99,999,999
Power 1∮AC220V 50Hz(Specified by user)

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