According to BIFMA X5.1 of Chair Seating Cyclic Impact Tester
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According to BIFMA X5.1 of Chair Seating Cyclic Impact Tester

Chair Seating Cyclic Impact Tester is to evaluate the ability of the chair to withstand fatigue stress and wear that occur as the result of the user dropping into the chair. This test applies to all types of chairs .
The accessories such as the different grips, elongation measuring-devices... etc. are equipped according to the requirements specified in the contract; our sales representative will also give the proper suggestions to our customer beforehand.
If you need Chair Seating Cyclic Impact Tester, welcome to contact us, detailed parameters will be sent to you in the form of PDF!
Here are the simple parameters of the machine:
Seat Height:350~600 mm or specified
Test Weight (Bag Weight):100~125 Ib
Impact Stroke:2 in of specified
Test Speed:20 times/min or specified
Counter:LCD, 0~999,999
Power 1∮, AC220V, 3A

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