( EN 433 ISO 24343 )Economical of the Resilient floor coverings residual indentation Tester
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( EN 433 ISO 24343 )Economical of the Resilient floor coverings residual indentation Tester   

This Tester to help customers with the most economic input to create more value-added space. The residual indentation tester complies with EN 433 ISO 24343 technical 
requirements, its supporting instruments are described below.
1 A straight steel cylinder of diameter as specified in table 1with the edge of the flat base slightly rounded.
2 A rigid,horizontal platform of minimum diameter 35 mm.
3 A device by means of which a preliminary force and a total force as specified in table 1can be smoothly applied.
Note. The frame should not deform by more than 0.05mm measured in the direction of the axis under the maximum force. This deformation has to be taken into consideration when measuring indentation.
4 A comparator for measuring the depth of indentation to 0.01mm.
5 Apparatus for measuring the thickness of the test piece as specified in table 2.
6 A stopwatch.
7 An annular weight of approximate internal diameter 25 mm and mass 0,5 Kg.

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