Calculation/Results Of The Mattress Cornell Tester
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  Calculation/Results Of The Mattress Cornell Tester

  Understand the Cornell test machine test results help us more reasonable evaluation and judgment mattress properties. With the help of in our high-efficiency automation of  Cornell test machine, we obtain the following test data and test report:

  1 The load deflection curves at 200, 6000, 12 500,25 000, 50 000, 75 000, and 100 000 cycles shall be plotted on PC or regular graph paper.

  2 Plots shall be prepared using the following:

  2.1 Support firmness versus cycles.

  2.2 Support firmness is the slope in Newtons per millimetre of the upper portion of the force penetration curve and for the purpose is approximated by the force increment between 76.2 and 101.6 mm (3 and 4 in.) penetration as taken from the data sheet.

  2.3 Cumulative dimple versus cycles.

  2.4 Values of the cumulated or total dimple are taken from the data sheet.

  3 Report the following information:

  3.2 The completed data sheet (see Fig. 7)。

  3.3 The items listed in 9.5.1- Changes in readings from the start of test to finish shall be expressed as percentages.

  Mattress and mattress set test methods include measurements of firmness, firmness retention, durability, effect of impact, and height change. These methods are intended to be used on newly manufactured products.More efficient and automated mattress performance testing equipment please

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