Mattress testing test equipment related to standards and test the project summary analysis
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Mattress testing test equipment related to standards and test the project summary analysis



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ASTM F 1566:2014

The durability test (Section 7)

Firmness testing may be ran on un-upholstered components, innerspring units and flexible boxsprings (6.1 through 6.4), or finished mattresses or mattress sets (6.5 through 6.8)

A standardized upholstery package is specified if evaluating a mattress core or un-upholstered foundation.


Mattress RollatorRollerDurability Tester



Firmness retention test/surface deformation (Section 9) require upholstered samples

These test methods are intended to be used on newly manufactured products..

BA-7140 -A

Cornell Type Tester


EN 1957 :2012

Durability test ( clause 7.2 and 6.1 Table 1)

Measurement of unit height ( clause 8.1

Hardness measurement (clause 7.3 and 8.2)

Load/deflection curve(clause 7.3)

Determination of hardness value ( clause 8.2)

Durability of bed edge ( clause 9)


Mattress comprehensive Performance Tester



BS EN 1725


Stability test ( Clause 7.2 )
Durability test ( Clause 7.3 )
Durability of bed edge (Clause 7.5 )
Vertical static load test ( Clause 7.6 )
Vertical static load test of the edge of the bed ( Clause 7.7 )


QB/T 1952.2-2011

Mattress sleep Center surface durabilityclause 6.15.2

Durability of bed edge clause  6.15.3

Measurement of unit height  

Hardness measurement (clause A.3.2)


JIS S1102-2004

Mattress durabilityClause 8.1.1

Vertical static load testClause 8.1.2


Mattress durability and vertical load Tester


CNS 7447

Mattress durabilityClause 6.1

Vertical static load testClause 6.2


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