Mattress comprehensive Performance Tester
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Mattress comprehensive Performance Tester

  The basic principles of the Mattress Comprehensive Performance Tester, and related to standards and norms were first introduced in this?article. On a basis of various experiments and investigations. We have known the technological effect and economic property of this Mattress Tester, and assured its broad prospect for use.

  1. The basic principles of the Mattress Comprehensive Performance Tester including:

  A set of Mattress sleep Center surface durability(Durability test) equipment and control systems.

  A set of Measurement of unit height control systems.

  A set of Hardness measurement control systems.

  A set of Load/deflection curve control systems

  A set of Determination of hardness value control systems

  A set of Durability of bed edge control systems

  2.The Mattress Comprehensive Performance Tester utilize a wide range of intensive methods for evaluating bedding and mattresses for?durability, safety,?and performance,including:

  2.1 EN 1957 :2012 Furniture. Beds and mattresses. Test methods for the determination of functional characteristics and assessment criteria:

  Durability test ( clause 7.2 and 6.1 Table 1)

  Measurement of unit height ( clause 8.1

  Hardness measurement (clause 7.3 and 8.2)

  Load/deflection curve(clause 7.3)

  Determination of hardness value ( clause 8.2)

  Durability of bed edge ( clause 9)

  2.2 BS EN 1725 Domestic furniture - Beds and mattresses - Safety requirements and test methods:

  Stability test ( Clause 7.2 )

  Durability test ( Clause 7.3 )

  Durability of bed edge (Clause 7.5 )

  Vertical static load test ( Clause 7.6 )

  Vertical static load test of the edge of the bed?( Clause 7.7 )

  2.3 QB/T1952.2-2011 Upholstered furniture. Spring mattress:

  Mattress sleep Center surface durability(clause 6.15.2 )

  Durability of bed edge (clause 6.15.3)

  Measurement of unit height

  Hardness measurement (clause A.3.2)

  In the last of the article, you can contact us to get the mattress Tester online video

  performance, thus you can clearly understand that the Mattress comprehensive Performance Tester rigorous science and broad applicability.

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