Chair Test Project International Standard Summary
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Chair Test Project International Standard Summary

BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. lists the international chair testing standard as below:
1.European standard (EN) test project: the former chair cushion edge rollover test, the former chair cushion to rollover tests, lateral tilting chair test (without handrails), chair of lateral tilting test (with armrests), backward tilt test (non-tilting), after the rollover test (can tilt), armrest vertical hydrostatic testing, durability testing seat and backrest, rolling resistance test - durability, armrests durability test, the rolling resistance test - load, maximum displacement amount determination chair back test, the backrest structure for rotatable additional testing.
2.American Standard (ASTM) test project: backrest strength test - Static -I type, back strength test - Static -II / III type, stand the test - Static, chair impact test, the rotating chair test, reclining bodies Test - Cyclic seat durability test - cycling, stability testing, strength testing vertical handrail, handrail level strength test, endurance test -I type chair backrest, backrest durability test type -II / III type chair casters / tripod endurance test , Legs strength tests - front / sides - Static, pedals strength test - vertical, pedals strength test - durability, strength tests armrest - durability, seat depth adjustments brake test, load test flat armrests, flat armrest load test – cycle.
3.Chinese standards (GB) test project: the base static load, the seat surface impact test, endurance test seat swivel, tilt mechanism tested seat alternating bending durability, stability testing, static load test vertically down armrest, armrest calm water load test, endurance test back and forth, back and forth caster wear test, rolling / sliding resistance / seat and armrest calm water load joint test, seat / back joint durability test (this test is suitable for general office chairs, unsuitable rotating chair), drop test.

Although the chair test items in each countries is different. However, the purpose is the same to improve the quality and safety of the chair, allowing users to feel more easy and comfortable.

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