ASTM D1148 Detection Machine
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ASTM D1148 Detection Machine

ASTM D1148 series of sports shoes, rain boots (boots) and other materials <rubber aging - heat or UV radiation test method standard light-colored surface discoloration caused by the> national standard reference HG / T 3689-2001. 

This standard specifies test methods for footwear yellowing resistance, the use of standardized test methods and scope: This standard specifies the determination of shoes help materials, substrates and other products on the approximation of white light and sunlight, ultraviolet light resistant to yellowing test methods degree. A method of simultaneously regulate the two test methods and method B, B law does not apply to arbitration and sophisticated research and development work. This standard also applies to white and light-colored shoes with help of test material and the substrate.

Method A - sunlamps law: 
Products based on light-colored or white, in the prolonged exposure to natural sunlight, easy color yellowing phenomenon. Sun lamps and heating temperature control device to simulate changes in the natural environment, within the prescribed time, observing the color of the sample surface occurred, determine the extent of discoloration of the sample, in order to determine the ability of the material under solar radiation, anti-yellowing. 

Method B - ultraviolet light method: 
Products based on light-colored or white for a long time under ultraviolet light, the color yellow prone to the phenomenon. Changes in ultraviolet radiation samples within a specified period of time, observing the color of the sample surface occurred, determine the extent of discoloration of the sample, thereby determining the ability of materials resistant to yellowing under ultraviolet radiation. 

In this experiment, BA-NH irradiation aging chamber for example: to achieve two different tests configured with different specifications light through the Technical Reference to see technical articles over the same period, ASTM D1148 series of environmental test equipment standards detailed technical specifications and requirements. You can also contact with us in order to get real-time reference.

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