CNS 7447 square spring mattress test procedure
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CNS 7447 square spring mattress test procedure

CNS7447 square spring mattresses, test steps are as follows:
1. Place the mattress on the test machine, so that the pressure plate of the long path parallel to the width direction of the mattress.
2. Confirm that the location of the pressure plate measurements.
※ when under the mattress width 1300mm, the pressure plate is placed in the center of the mattress 
※ When the width of more than 1300mm above the mattress, the mattress is placed in the pressure plate on the center line of length to width to 1/3
3. in the pressing plate subjected 4.9033N force, the recording surface of the pressing center height O1. Speed of 300mm / min or less pressurized to load 980.66N, and record the load and deflection chart.
4. Adjust the testing machine, since the pressing plate between point-to-point O1 when the load 980.066N distance back and forth at a rate of 160 ± 10 beats / min, so that it moves up and down after 200 times to remove the pressure of the pressure plate.
5. Repeat the 4th step operation, to maintain a rate of 160 ± 10 beats / min, respectively, so that the number of movements up and down 10,000 times and 80,000 times. In addition to record the load and deflection chart and settlement amount, the last by visual inspection of the mattress without exception.
6. The vertical load test: 0, 200, 100000, 80000 times recorded by each load and deflection known chart, increasing the amount of deflection obtained by following D1, D2.
7. Test results:

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