Transport vibration effect car light assessment
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Transport vibration effect car light assessment

Automotive Lighting installed in the car, with the car a long time after Britain slope, vibration, shock of use on the road, therefore, the quality of automotive lighting requirements must be the most demanding.

Automotive Lighting can be divided into exterior lights and interior lights, for example as follows: 
Exterior lights: headlights, fog lights, license plate lights, down lights, directional lights, positioning lights, parking lights and warning lights.
Interior lights: dome light, reading lights, rear compartment lights, door lights, instrument lights, alarms and indicators.

It is well known that all lights jewelry have one thing in common: When you pick up, action should be mocked. In contrast, how you want to shake Britain slope for assessment of the impact on car headlights it? BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. now come up with a complete test solution for automotive lighting can effectively carry out a more complete testing.
1.The use of simulated motor transport vibration table, a true representation of the normal vibrations in the car running lights suffered. Evaluate the product vibration capability.
2.BANG slant impact testing machine, a true representation of car during emergency braking, encountered an unexpected shock, the extent of damage caused to the lights.
3.BANG drop test machine, mainly used in automotive lighting simulation transport dock, harbor head by falling hazards in handling cargo.
4.Cargo stacking test machine: Assessing ex-factory store lighting levels superimposed laying rationality, the existence of goods tread depression and other issues, the situation of lighting products broken.
The proportion of individual car ownership continues to grow in all parts for automotive quality control, the overall quality of cars, as well as whether the qualified suppliers are very important. BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. to produce and meet the stringent standards of Instrument to assist all automobile manufacturers does automobile production quality control.

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