Impact Absorption Performance and Puncture Resistance of Helmet
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Impact Absorption Performance and Puncture Resistance of Helmet

Helmets are very important security tool. All falling objects may occur in the workplace, or is likely to occur head-on collision, the labor itself has fallen dangerous place, must wear a helmet to do for protection. Especially in construction sites, mining site ... etc., are necessary protective gear. However, there are some unscrupulous businesses, in order to earn more profits, carried cutting corners action, production and sale of substandard helmets.

Currently sold helmets, most are: impact absorbing performance is not strong enough, puncture resistance unqualified and so on. BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. With years of rich experience in production equipment to detect, and more research efforts related to the performance of the helmet. This article for the helmets of the most important impact absorbing performance and puncture resistance do the analysis. We will write more about helmets detection relevant technical articles in the future, to share with you.

1.The impact absorbing performance:
This performance was mainly to test when the helmet is in hot, cold and rain wet state of the environment, if it is able to achieve each safety performance standards. The sample is through high temperature, low temperature, and watering treatment, and then immediate impact test. Note: the impact force to the head film should not exceed 4900N.

2.Puncture resistance:
This performance is mainly in the test helmet when subjected to relatively sharp object impact, can play a protective role. The actual sampling found that three products in the test, the steel cone will be directly puncture helmets and stab to the head film. Meanwhile, the impact absorbing performance did not meet the proper standards.

Impact absorbing performance and puncture resistance is a major safety helmets technical indicators, they will directly affect the product's security features. Would help if, wearers using substandard helmets event of an accident, will not be effective protection, thereby causing injury. In view of this, BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. developed a specially designed helmet impact test machine, helmets puncture resistance tester, helmet high and low temperature, rain test machine helmet ... and other necessary testing equipment, welcome conscience manufacturers purchase.

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