Electric Wheelchairs Impact Testing Machine
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Electric Wheelchairs Impact Testing Machine

Electric wheelchairs are the types and functions as the market demands constant adjustment. However, it is very important that the quality of electric wheelchairs whether there is security, or have not hidden risk factor. Therefore, we should be to implement the relevant testing operations.

BANG Instrument Co., realized the seriousness of the problem, so we established wheelchair test project team to study the development of the wheelchair test series tester meet the standards, including: electric wheelchair impact testing machine, electric wheelchairs walking test machines, wheel fatigue testing machine, drop tester, static pressure load tester, armrest proficiency testing machine, endurance testing machine ... etc, different test function tester.

Of these, the electric wheelchair impact testing machine  is mainly to test for electric wheelchair  impact  strength testing, including: a base, the bezel, the support arm, the vertical sliding guide, the main mobile frame, a vertical drive motor, the mounting bracket, the next mounting bracket, rod, vertical sliding rails, horizontal movement of the drive motor, bearing frame, computer-controlled design ... etc. This device combines vertical and horizontal motion control motor, determine any reasonable and accurate spatial position of the pendulum impact, and then follow the test standard requirements, will be adjusted to the angle of the pendulum standard, shaking the pendulum so that the pendulum impact to be all parts of the wheelchair required tests measured the resulting test data as the assessment of the safety performance index wheelchair, this paragraph detection device structure is simple, easy to operate..

How to detect strength, carrying capacity and other functions of the electric wheelchair, you have to depend entirely on electric wheelchairs impact testing machine. Please feel free to contact us, or visit the BANG Testing Equipment Co. plant, we will provide more relevant information to you.

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