Reminder for Wheelchair Test
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Reminder for Wheelchair Test 

Poor quality wheelchair will have a lot of potential harm factors. Users must be careful to choose.

Wheelchair test project is based on: GB / T 13800-2009 "manual wheelchair", GB / T 1299601991 "electric wheelchair", GB / T18029 "wheelchair" and other standards. BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. has a professional R & D team, tested against wheelchair various projects, including: wheelchair wheel fatigue testing machine, wheelchair static strength testing machine, impact testing machine wheelchair back, wheelchair level tone knot test stand , wheelchairs drop test machine, wheelchair brake fatigue testing machine, seat cushions flame resistance test device, test dummy, wheelchair environmental tester ... etc.

In addition to the detection, the other test items wheelchair in there: the performance of a manual wheelchair in Singapore, the armrest down load, climbing performance of electric wheelchairs, a charge the maximum stroke, environmental testing (rainy), dielectric strength ... and so on.

No matter what the project is sub-standard, can cause very serious injury. BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. in this appeal: wheelchair manufacturer specifications must be in accordance with the standards for the purpose of testing, to produce manual / electric wheelchairs for the benefit of the user. BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. also welcomes you to contact us.

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