Common Drop Test Method
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Common Drop Test Method

Generally speaking, Drop testing machine used in the detection of packaging in handling, fall circumstances, extent of the damage of the package, in order to assess the strength of the product protection package to improve packaging design, to avoid causing large economic losses. Therefore, in the package drop test, which test method is more commonly used? 

1. Package plane direction: 
Include: edge, angle, surface, edge drop test, which is generally used in low drop way trip, or even fall distance. Such tests would choose a "zero drop test machine." This section tester can be used for large pieces of furniture, electrical appliances, electronic devices, etc., in larger specimens, with strong load capacity, large test space, drop distance and low.

2. The small, lightweight package drop test: 
The drop is generally used for testing wing, wing drop test not only for the drop test of the package, meaning the original electronic devices can, gifts, etc. bare down (without packaging ) test. 
Drop height: 300 ~ 1500mm or less 
Sample Maximum load: 68KG 
Maximum sample size: 1000x700x1000mm (LxWxH) 
Height accuracy: ± 2%.

3. ISTA large drop test: 
Features section of the testing machine is electrically control the height, falling from the tray arms from adjustable for different sizes, weight portion sizes were a drop test package. 
Drop height: 400 ~ 1500mm or less 
Sample Maximum load: 300KG
Test Space: 300x2000x1500mm (LxWxH) 

Of course, in addition to the three methods has been described as above, but still should be based on the customer's own tests after assess needs and make purchasing choices. BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. also welcome you contact us; we will recommend suitable model for you.

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