Proprietary Robot of Functional Sofa Life Fatigue Testing Machine
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Proprietary Robot of Functional Sofa Life Fatigue Testing Machine


When you are a functional sofa manufacturing industry, what kind of promotion skills do you make to show the product's characteristics and service life of it? In addition to commonly used print advertising, you ever thought you can demonstrate and highlight the performance and characteristics of the product life through interesting feature sofa fatigue testing special robots. 


BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. officially launched the proprietary robot for functional sofa life fatigue testing machine, placed in store brand functional sofa, and the use of human model simulation of the movement of people to be performed in place of the test, will provide you with products and showcase stores be more appreciated by customers. 


BANG Instrument Co., proprietary robot for functional sofas life fatigue testing machine has a human scale model than a simulation. Series of coherent action in this proprietary robot can do when the body will be conducted using functional sofa, flexible arm loading device, coordinated backrest and leg joint mechanism with human activity industrial control systems and operating systems, even if it can not match the real human body. Due to the proprietary robot has applied for patents, if you are interesting of more technical parameters and functions, welcome to BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. Our technical team will presents more surprise to yours.


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