New Furniture Comprehensive Testing Machine
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New Furniture Comprehensive Testing Machine

The new furniture comprehensive testing machine is a combination of modules with flexible, easy to transport and install, widely used in furniture manufacturing enterprises, CCIB, furniture Academy sets related third-party certification units. 


The new furniture comprehensive testing machine adopts both of microcomputer and computer to control the system, with automatic reset, program editing, the program solidified, the report template editor and curing, universal standard method of dynamic simulation, automatic fixed pattern automatically result determination functions. Control system with user-friendly operating system and instructions, even inexperienced users can quickly detect job instructions, special exception operational failure prompting unusual setting automatic reset function. 


Greatest advantage of this equipment is: humanized design. This equipment same time have a fixed standard and non-standard implementation of methods to control the program editor. In other words, the user can choose the test control scheme only through the standard code number, even if the operator does not have any basic knowledge of mechanical, as long as the code can be found in the standard test number, and in accordance with the number entered into the system, you can be easily transferred out of the testing program.


The new furniture comprehensive testing machine include a full version of the device is integrated dynamic simulation test machine diagram, you can directly observe the placement of the sample during the test methods and dynamic stall, therefore, every operation has a realistic simulation of the operation of dynamic video, ready to assist the operator conduct tests to ensure that the entire test equipment standardization and complete the entire test. 


More technical parameters and information of the new furniture comprehensive testing machine, you can download on BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. official website or contact us.


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