Automotive Pedal High and Low Temperature Durability Tester
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Automotive Pedal High and Low Temperature Durability Tester

Automotive pedal comprising: a brake pedal, clutch pedal and the accelerator pedal. BANG Instrument Co., Ltd pedal cars produced high and low temperature durability test machine is mainly used to detect these pedals durability. 

Automotive pedal high temperature performance test machine using analog pedal daily use, by force loading, loading at the output of a certain amount of force, and a load value of the force on the pedal stroke, or certain loads, and the analog daily use when the detected temperature and humidity environment endurance automobile pedal. 

Equipment using split structure, making the device easy transportation and installation. Testing machine adopts PLC control, man-machine interface input, according to different requirements to select the angle and force of the angle and force value test can also be set as required. Car Pedal high temperature performance testing machine can follow the different stages of the number of tests on the temperature and humidity adjustments, fully automated operation. Automotive pedal high and low temperature testing machine can automatically output the report and print it out and the test data saved to USB, the user can analyze the test data directly to a computer. This device also uses multi-position design; testing three sets of samples can be done simultaneously. 

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