ISO 16000 Automatic VOC Emission Test Chamber
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ISO 16000 Automatic VOC Emission Test Chamber


ISO 16000 automatic VOC emission test chamber is effective combination of different test product characteristics, sampling norms, total factor analysis, recovery, thermal desorption, and several other features which will make the complex VOC emission generation, sampling, analysis, thermal desorption, gas purification emissions and a series of job easier; while ISO 16000 automatic VOC emission test chamber using automatic operating mode and cycle effectively simulate job, you can avoid the experimental error, the subjectivity of human error and process operations errors.


In the design standards, ISO 16000 automatic VOC emission test chamber is adoption of internationally accepted ISO 16000 standard technical specifications, therefore, an international fair of versatility, applicability, the whole experiment and gas analysis with integrated, multi-stage industrial technology convergence, effective and practical help users carry out experimental operation, the unique gas analysis module for acquisition and analysis of scientific evidence to bring a very fair accuracy and validity and reliability of the entire test.


In the R & D technology and techniques, ISO 16000 automatic VOC emission test chamber has been electro-polished stainless steel liner handle no adsorption, the intensity of up to ± 10 mbar, experimental cabin with sophisticated sealing system with high-precision non-corrosive and pollution controlling the amount of gas the carrier gas, to avoid the dead angle inside the box so that the entire internal environment pollution and uniformly and without interference. 


Sampling and analysis at the interface of the box, equipped with a system of gas analysis, transportation analysis device until the gas analyzer to obtain analytical data, except within a stainless steel water container (humidification water), with automatic replenishment function, flushing process unresolved attached together to provide effective protection. Are used throughout the testing process automatic control mode, and with anomalies alarm and monitoring functions, which will make the whole experiment are in automatic monitoring status, mode of operation is very straightforward and reminders for the whole test easier, stable and reliable and efficient. 


The above is ISO 16000 automatic VOC emission test chamber basic overview and update technical characteristics and parameters; please browse our official website to download technical documentation center now, more consultation and communication through e-mail and your priorities Hotline to get in touch with us.


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