Folding Sofa Tester
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Folding Sofa Tester

Folding sofa tester can be used for manual or automatic feature pull-out sofa life, durability, features test detection equipment. It can automatically open the handle switch and realize sitting, leisure, lying, three gesture movements, due to the equipment used to detect this section the structure of the human body model, with features and functions of the human body, therefore, widely used in pull-out sofa manufacturers, each big brand stores, third-party certification bodies and national testing and research centers.


Folding sofa tester test principle is as follows: 

1.In the central part of the seat surface load 750N, loading force perpendicular to the seat face value.

2.Personal contact is in the central part of the backrest from the seat 350mm, load 350N. If the backrest of the seat surface junction center distance less than 350mm, then the loading on the seat back along the central portion, perpendicular to the loading force by the shelf at the back of 50mm along the central portion of the leg from the lower loading plate 150N, the biasing force of the plate surface is perpendicular to the resting leg.

3.Overall durability testing is no more than 6 times / min frequency hoist pullout sofa, opening and closing sequence of the various components of normal use in accordance with the requirements of the folding sofa hoist.

4.To ensure during the test period, no other external forces exerted on the pull-out sofa.


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