Sofa Automatic Loosening & Remaining Loose Testing Machine
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Sofa Automatic Loosening & Remaining Loose Testing Machine


   Sofa automatic loosening and remaining loose testing machine is to use the characteristics of the sofa durability testing machine at the same time, and combined with armrests and backrest loose automatic volume measurements made ??by way of a very science and technology combination. Development and existence of this technology will completely replace the long-standing human manual measurements, not only save time, error accuracy of the test results and are more stringent and accurate. 


   Sofa automatic loosening and remaining loosening testing machine is through simulation daily use for sofa with convergence of mechanical industrial control systems, the seat surface, backrest and armrest sofa test site, the use of a certain shape, a certain weight of loaded modules to frequency speed under pressure, repeated cycle test ride durability. At the same time, through this mechanical industrial control systems, but also volume push back and armrests loose automatic measurement, direct measurement results showing more to improve testing efficiency and to obtain the most accurate test results at each stage.


   For soft sofa series, per procedure standards are divided into different stages of testing, therefore, BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. will test the function of the system provides diversity and modular control features, not only through the entire stage automatic tests, they can be tested through local control, and its function is as follows:

※Seat surface durability test.

※Seat surface and back seat combines style durability test.

※Armrest of the seat surface binding style durability test. 

※Seat / backrest / armrest combination of style endurance test. 

※Armrest loosening test. 

※Automatic measurement for remaining loosening test. 

※Backrest loosening measurement. 

※Remaining loosening automatic test. 


   More information about sofa automatic loosening and remaining loosen testing machine, welcome to refer to BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. official website.


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