Smoke Detector Relevant Standard Summary
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Smoke Detector Relevant Standard Summary

Continuation of the technical article-"UL 268 fire alarm Signal System smoke detector awareness,” BANG only make a rough introduction to the UL 268 standard. In order for you to understand more about smoke detector international standards, BANG Instrument Co., Ltd aggregated more information for yours, as follows:

1.UL1730 "smoke detector monitoring and accessories personal life unit multi-family residential and hotel / hotel room tube" 

2.UL268a "Road with ULC standard smoke detector." 

3.ulc-s524 "fire alarm system installed." 

4.ulc-s527 "fire alarm system control unit." 

5.ulc-s530 "heat-driven fire detector fire alarm system." 

6.ulc-s531 "smoke alarm." 

7.ulc-s536 "inspection and testing of fire alarm systems." 

8.ulc-s537 "fire alarm system validation."

9.Intrusive detection and alarm installations and its main contents are: intrusion detection, anti-theft alarm, and passive infrared detectors, microwave detectors, combination detectors, glass break detectors, door ... and so on. Standards: UL639, UL1023, UL1037, UL464, EN50131-2-2, EN50131-2-3, EN50131-2-4, EN50131-2-5, EN50131-2-7, EN50131-4, UL634. 

10.carbon monoxide alarms: UL2034, EN50291

11.smoke alarms: UL217, EN14604; smoke detectors (System Exclusive): UL268, EN54-7, EN54-12, EN54-20 

12.thermal alarm: UL539, BS 5446-2; thermal detector (system-specific): UL521, EN54-5 alarm system controller: UL864, UL1730, EN54-2 & EN54-4 

14.speakers, alarm, warning lights, etc., as well as public radio speaker: UL464, UL 1638, EN54-3, EN54-23, EN54-24 

15.combustible gas detector: UL2075, EN50194


Given the content of each standard involves complicated. We do not share details of content here, if there is any demand, please contact with us.


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