UL268Fire Alarm Signal System Smoke Detector
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UL268Fire Alarm Signal System Smoke Detector

When accidents occur, it will affect hundreds of thousands of families, so that each country for all types of security monitoring and preventive measures is obviously special attention to the requirements, especially for fire prevention. Countries and regions in the world for research and development of fire rescue fire protection materials, machinery, never stopped, but due to the different circumstances of each country, the relative standard system settings are not the same. This article will discuss UL268 (fire alarm Signal System smoke detector).


UL268 (fire alarm Signal System smoke detector):

※Smoke detector UL268 standards described (example: ionization, photoelectric, etc.) refers to one or more products for the detection of burning electrical components.

※UL268 combustion products can be gas, water vapor, and the visible and invisible smoke particles.

※UL268 detector comprising providing to the power connector, signal, and an optional remote control circuits.

※UL268 additional features: for example: heat detectors, audio signal device, or both exist, is not to be banned as part of a smoke detector components.

※UL268 detector for open area protection and connected to the operating power supply or a compatible control unit, as a part of a fire alarm system.

※UL268 detector for release device, such as: electromagnetic door holder control scheduled detectors, fire dampers, or smoke damper.

※UL268 proposed standard single station and multi-station smoke composed of provisions smoke detectors rated for 300V or less.


In the United States, must be based on the National Fire Code NFPA 72. In Canada, must be based on Standard for the Installation of fire alarm systems can refer to ULC-S524, Canadian National Building Code and Fire Code of Canada. 


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