Sofa Loosing Testing
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Sofa Loosing Testing

Sofa loose volume testing is based on the site of the sofa to distinguish between: 

1.Back looseness amount: Before durability test when the sofa in a free state, the angle between the center line and the base plane behind the measured surface, after the endurance test under load conditions Paul, measured at the same measurement site angle obtained, the difference between the two values. Loose amount armrest

2.before the durability test when the sofa in a free state, the first two bars in the extension of the distance between the two fixing points is optionally the same horizontal line between and after the durability tests, the load conditions under protection , between the two fixing points of the same distance measured, the difference value between the two. Loosening remaining amount back

3.After the durability test, in the unloaded condition, the angle between the center line of the back surface of the base surface of the measured ?A difference between the value of the angle and the durability test when measured in the Free State between. The remaining amount of loose armrest.

4.After the durability test, and the unload condition, according to the standard part of the same measurement distance measured between the two fixing points, the distance measured in the free state as before the durability test, both of the difference between the values.

To achieve the above amount of testing several sofas loose, use the sofa durability test machine. "This testing machine is mainly used to measure the sofa seat, back and armrests durability, the test will be a certain shape, the weight of the load module, loaded using the form prescribed frequency, respectively, seat, back and armrests surface can be simulated under routine conditions of use, the sofa on the long-term ability of repetitive loads. BANG Instrument Co., Ltd., sofa durability test machine, can be individually tested seat, back and armrests, independent or continuous testing.

1.Seat load module weighs 50 kg, automatic freedom under pressure.

2.back thrust test cylinder two groups, each with a thrust sensor can be set back on the thrust exerted.

3.Armrest test cylinder two groups, each with a thrust sensor can be set above the thrust applied to the handrail.

In order to meet customer demand, but also can be based on customer requirements, customized sofa durability test machine.

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