ISO 7240-7 Point Type Smoke Detectors
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ISO 7240-7 Point Type Smoke Detectors

ISO 7240-7 "fire detection and alarm systems - Part 7: Point-Type Smoke Detectors using Scattered Light, transmitted light or ionization ", the latest amended version was released in August 2011, it replaced the ISO 7240-7-2003, and ISO / FDIS 7240-7-2011, and ISO 7240-27-2009" fire detection and alarm systems - part 27: using scattered light, transmitted light or ionization smoke detectors, electrochemical cell - carbon monoxide sensors and thermal sensors point fire detectors ", ISO 7240-14-2013" fire detection and alarm systems - part 14: Design buildings inside and outside the fire detection and alarm systems, installation, commissioning and service.


ISO 7240-7 is indeed a more comprehensive standard. In ISO 7240-7: 2011 specified requirements, test methods and point-type smoke detectors using scattered light performance criteria, transmitted light or ionization, for fire detection and alarm systems installed in buildings (see ISO 7240-1 ). In addition, ISO 7240-7: 2011 also includes point-type smoke detectors, including more than run according to the principles of the smoke sensor, additional requirements and test methods such detectors, smoke detectors for other types of tests, or smoke detector works different, ISO 7240-7: 2011 applies only to the guidance function. Of course, in response to national requirements for radiation protection in different detectors containing radioactive material in the normative standards will vary. 


BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. upholds the spirit of international standards, international standards are always inside of each production, sales process, prompting our detection equipment can be closer to the customer's demand, and therefore, BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. developed its own design in line with ISO 7240-7 standard point-type fire detectors, welcome visitors to purchase.


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