Research significance test between the sliding furniture and ASTM D4034
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Daily life, often used to sofas, cloth seats, bags and other furniture products, durable detect these products are usually as judged by its degree of slippage, quite consistent with ASTM D4034 furniture sofa fabric seam slippage resistance test. ? The author conducted research on why this particular topic Imagine it: When we sat on the sofa, where two or three seat stitching loose and it will be what kind of feeling? Or, in the course of our trip, the bag is broken, this is how embarrassing? In order to avoid the embarrassment of some small everyday occurrence, and choose the best way is to buy in line with national standards and international standards.

ASTM D4034 "anti furniture sofa fabric seam slippage test" is one common international standard, which provides for joint determination of the anti-slip properties of woven fabrics, warp or weft were two standard units: inch - pound and SI system.

ASTM D4034 "anti furniture sofa fabric seam slippage test" significance of the research in this standard can help manufacturers improve product quality, enhance the experience based on the consumer's purchasing, most importantly; you can also improve standardization of the industry. In reference to the standard ASTM D76 "stretch textile machine instructions," ASTM D123 "textile-related provisions," ASTM D1776 "textile testing humidity", and ASTM D434 "resistance seam slippage, ASTM D4034 test will be start.

As we know, the same slip resistance test fabric produced in accordance with certain rules (in accordance with standard 9-3), together with a sewing machine, the tensile strength was measured and recorded as the tensile strength of a seamless extension of the load curve . Then two stretching curves recorded in the same recording, two load values ??at the point corresponding to the distance between the curves is extending slip.

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