ASTM D4034 Tensile Strength Testing Machine and Testing Steps
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After reading through the "significance of furniture slip test and ASTM D4034's value" and "ASTM D4034 standard definitions and centralized assembly test" technical articles, writer deeply believes that you must urgently want to know more about the test machine and test procedures. Here, writer wills explanation more information about it to yours.

In order to meet a variety of different test needs by customer, BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. established project team for committed to research furniture sofa fabric seam slippage prevention. The technical team is through continuous improvement and testing, greatly enhance the tensile testing machine more features, but also won the praise of customers.

BANG’s tensile strength testing machine meet with ASTM D4034 standard - "furniture sofa fabric seam slippage prevention trials", the same also in line with the relevant provisions of this American ASTM D76 testing machine with automatic plotter, with a special folder (usually chuck. the two rubber), chuck front nip width is 1 inch (25 mm) clamp is not less than 2 inches (50mm). 2 gauge chucks is 3 inches (76 mm), the test speed 12 ± 0.5 inches per minute (5 ± 0.2 mm / sec). We can also customize the testing machine according to the customer's needs.

General speaking American ASTM D4034 test procedure "furniture sofa fabric seam slippage test the anti-" There are many steps, mainly: 
1. The upper end of the specimen head clamp, and make sure the sample should be vertical and gripping. 
2 in order to allow a uniform force to extend the sample, the specimen head to be clamped at its lower end 
Fabric load-extension curves - end length 100X250mm measured force of the sample, the sample site by stitching 100X250mm end clamping jaws in the clamping should be noted that in addition to the suture of about 90 mm, is clamped in the clamping jaws reference standard clamp described 11-1 folder Assistant clamp pliers, after the good, moving walk auxiliary clamp, clamp parameter reference standards, such as speed, grip size, clip distance. In actual tests, the host computer will automatically draw the relevant information. Start tensile testing machine, seamless specimen records load - extension curve.

Then, we must record - load curve extends articulated specimens, samples need to be taken between the upper and lower jaw joint, joint attention should be centered; clip specific operations can refer to standard sewing curves recorded in the same recording paper, start Rally testing machine with a load of sample records joints - extension curve. Five samples to test and record load - extension curve, and note that each (there are no joints and curves) curves at different zero.

After completion of the test the use Rally, the most important step is to be able to automatically calculate the test results, for example: 6 mm test (1/4INCH) steps to set foot gauge distance of 25mm (1INCH), a gauge-foot distance may also be different than the actual curve. For example, when the ratio of 1.125:1 curve, a sufficient distance is regulated 7mm (1/4INCH), when the ratio is 2.25:1 curve, a sufficient distance is 14 mm gauge (9/16INCH). Foot gauge distance should be coupled with suture elongation compensation value, this value should be loaded when the sample seam is equivalent to 4.5N (1 lb) when two curves open distance, and then follow the standards set foot distance, vertical division compass two curves, move around, when the position of the two curves distance foot gauge exactly equal between the recording points. Point value in N or LBS records and is accurate to 2N (or 0.5LBS) minus the value of the compensation value 4.5N (or 11 pounds) of documents data. If the compass to move the distance between the two curves can not be found, the pin is exactly equal to the distance regulation, the maximum recording stitched seam strength curve also shows a sample of fabric or suture fracture (e.g.: STB: FTS: suture fracture, fracture of the fabric seams) finally noticed less than 6mm, over the test range instrumentation yarn slippage distance, only records the suture strength values. Repeat the test four samples, 5 samples were then calculated to the nearest 2N (0.5LBS) as an average seam slippage value.

Finally, the report styles are according to customer needs, and the results will bring the client company decision-makers to have great influence. For more information, please contact us, BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. to provide customers with the most thoughtful and comprehensive service with yours.

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