GB/T 16825 Tensile Testing Machine
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  In response to GB/T16825 series <tensile testing machines> Standard,  As southern China's largest mechanical properties of the test class expert – BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer, design, development, production instrumentation test equipment manufacturers.  We always insist on the use of standards, specifications, technical inspection of production of tensile testing equipment, qualification, technical parameters such as standard features, Bond has been the detection of the company's core philosophy. 
  Per BA-10C tensile testing machine for example: the use of the mechanical properties of the class GB/T16825 series <tensile testing machines> is equivalent to ISO 7500 <metallic materials - static uniaxial testing machines - Part I: tensile testing machine> comply with GB / T 1.1, GB / T 1.22 requirements.

      Mechanical properties of GB / T 16825 Series <tensile testing machines> Use as follows:
      1.testing machine general inspection 
      2.testing machine measuring system test 
      3.Reference GB 228 inspection method used for the test Rushen testing machine

      Applications in Mechanical BA-10 ~ BA-100's performance class tensile testing equipment, the relevant reference test standards: 
      1.GB 228-87 metal tensile test method 
      2.GB / T 13634-92 testing machines with a standard measuring instrument - Sensor standards dynamometer.
      3.ZB N74002-89 testing machine calibration technique using standard dynamometer conditions .

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