GB/T 3917 Series Tear Properties of Textile Test
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      Tongue tears strength tests. 

      According to the standard: 
  ISO/DIS1 3937-2:1995 Draft International Standard GB / T 3917 Test series Tear properties of fabrics refer to "Tear properties of Textiles - Part 2: pants style Determination of tear force" and ISO/DIS1 13937-4 : 1995, "part 4 tear properties of fabrics: tongue-shaped specimen Determination of tear force" on the GB / T 3917-83 "single fabric tongue tearing strength test method" for revision. 

      GB / T 3917 Series Application summary: 
  The series not only provides a standard method for determining the sample method tongue fabric tear strength, including: single and double tongue tongue specimen samples. Also applies to woven fabrics and fabrics produced by other techniques, but not for the strong determination of tear knitted, woven elastic fabric etc.. The other provisions of the standard form using constant elongation (CRE) test equipment.

      In BA-10S constant elongation tester, for example, its technical specifications and parameters are described below: 
      1.Tensile speed is adjustable within a range of 500 ± 10mm / min. 
      2.Within the range of the instrument display or record any point tear strength shall not exceed a maximum error of ± 100, display or record pincers spacing error does not exceed ± 1mm. 
      3.If all the instruments can not meet this requirement shall be stated in the test report. 
      4.If the record is strength and elongation through the data acquisition computer chips and software acquired, the data collection should be at least 8 times / sec. 
      5.Set the gauge length of 110mm. 

      Hardware parameters (and clamping device): 
      1.Two clamp devices should be in the center of the straight line stretching, the stretching should clamp the end straight line at right angles to the clamping surface should be kept in the same plane. 
      2.Pincers should be designed to ensure that it can not slide across the sample, and the sample is not cut or damaged. The effective width of the clamp according to the type of sample. Double tongue sample, at least 55mm; single tongue sample, at least 220mm.

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