ASTM D1148 & ASTM D1149 Radiation Resistant Yellow Aging Testing Equipment summary
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  ASTM D1148 & ASTM D1149 Series test equipment manufacture both standard implementation of the testing equipment, the content requirements: Rubber qualitative change, heat and ultraviolet light-colored surface of the test method faded, ASTM D1149 series radiation resistance to yellowing aging test equipment that is as a foundation design and manufacture. 
      1. Radiation resistant yellow aging test equipment summary: 
  ASTM D1148, ASTM D1149 series irradiation chamber using anti-aging UC yellow light to simulate natural light all kinds of materials, the measured elastic material, wire, mesh, rubber, tires, conveyor belts, shoe soles, soft leather, leather ... quality of materials, such as yellowing resistance, aging resistance, radiation resistance.

      2. ASTM D1148, ASTM D1149 series irradiation aging test machine principle and purpose:
  Unique hot air circulation, promote gradual aging of the light source in case of material samples, the high airtight container with removable inner tank air unit with automatic over-temperature cut off protection device. Radiation resistant yellow aging test equipment to do two or more tests that are resistant to the common yellow and aging tests. 
A, yellowing resistance: simulation of atmospheric environment, by the sun's ultraviolet radiation, change in appearance is generally believed that continuous testing at 50 ℃ 9 Hours, equivalent to atmospheric exposure time of 6 months. 
B, Aging: promote the deterioration of vulcanized rubber, the change is calculated before and after heating, the change in appearance is generally believed that at 70 ℃ in a row Day of testing, exposure to the atmosphere is equivalent to six months. 

      3, Others:
  A, as oven use 
  B, as the aging machine. Standard Test Method for aging reference machine.

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