CNS 7447 Mattress Durability and Deflection Testing Machine
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      Internationally, common mattress test standards:ASTM F1566、CNS 7447、GB / T T1952.2-2011、 EN and so on. Spring mattresses are comfortable, healthy, moderate hardness, the most important factor depending on spring structure. Spring structure depends on the design and use of the purpose and use of the durability. General spring mattress spring grains mainly by the tandem lines, borders, combination. The spring is in accordance with the merits of its durability as the basis, the spring stiffness (force / displacement) and its steel wire material, wire diameter, shape of the spring, according to CNS7447 square spring mattress strictly regulated, spring steel wire needed comply CNS3696, the provisions made ??CNS3697 do; square spring mattress durability, must after repeated 80,000 times the pressure movement, still in line with the collapse of the standard range CNS7447 regulations.

      In BA-7140 mattress durability and deflection testing machine Example: 
Working principle: 
The impact of the modules used to simulate the operation of the mattress acting on the body surface, the frequency of a given compression is repeated for the impact of the mattress. Also, you can do the test mattress deflection, and then assess the degree of fastness to maintain its durability and spring. 

      Design Standards: 
      According to the standard: ASTM F1566, CNS 7447, GB / T T1952.2-2011, EN.

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