IEC 60904 PV Module Hot Spot Endurance Test Equipment
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  PV module hot spot endurance test is to detect major PV modules: light sophisticated test, hot spot endurance test, radiation intensity, performance, measuring the temperature coefficient under low irradiance for the purpose. According to IEC 61215:2005-10.9, IEC 61646:2005-10.9, UL 1703-2004 Hot Spot Endurance Test requirements , according to the IEC60904 :2007-9, E 927-05 design and manufacturing.

      In BA-4012 hot spot endurance test suspect as an example:
      Works principle:
      By the non-ozone short arc Xe lamp through the filter, the light intensity adjustment, optical radiation integrator, poly mask, plus temperature control devices, cooling systems, radiation intensity meter and safety protection devices, thermal class PV modules achieve durable testing.

      Composition structure:
      1.Structure type : Mining box structure using UVR3 1.0 reflective steel box , outside the box is high and low temperature steel + SEEC spray
      2.source: ozone -free Xe short arc lamp , an array of permutations and combinations designed to ensure uniform light source assembly of various parts of
      3.Light original standard: IEC 60904:2007-9 standard lamp life 100 hours
      4.filters : Imported AM 1.5G filter , so that the degree of spectral matching to meet IEC 60904:2007-9
      5.light intensity regulator : radiation intensity can be adjusted (700 ~ 1200w / ㎡ )
      6.light irradiation integrator : the cumulative total irradiance for light sophisticated test (Option)
      7.poly mask : Xe lamp intensity for gathering
      8.Temperature control device: Import PID controller for controlling the interior temperature and the surface temperature of the probe detecting unit 2.

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