IEC 61646 Standard Thin-film Solar Cell Module
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  According to the latest "thin-film terrestrial photovoltaic modules' standard requirements, IEC 61646 standard series thin film solar module test equipment, generally summarized as diagnostic testing volume, the amount of electrical test, according to established testing, environmental testing, mechanical testing five types testing.
  The most important, most requirements specification is the mechanical testing and environmental testing, for example: outdoor exposure test, hot spot endurance test, UV testing, thermal cycling test, wet frozen consultation ring test, heat test, lead end strength test, twisted testing, mechanical load test and hail testing, light exposure testing.
  With the use of solar renewable energy, the development of this technology is also increasingly advanced and perfect, however, the current technology development requirements become more stringent, relatively, the solar cell module quality certification and testing, but also by the attention. Whether it is from the design, scientific development, or from the point of view of the interests, techniques and testing requirements solar energy is very important.

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