ISO/DIS 7170-198 Furniture Test
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      ISO / DIS 7170-198, GB-10357, is related to similar non-standard criteria, see Technical reference period. 

      Furniture is mainly mechanical testing under simulated conditions of normal use in various parts of the furniture and habitual misuse when subjected to one-time or repetitive loads, has the strength and ability to withstand the trials and testing. This combined with the same test, the product under normal use furniture predetermined frequency of use, the degree of error may occur with a frequency and according to the size and frequency of loading, the number of the strength and durability test were divided into five standards, see reference piece.

      Test items:
      1.Static load strength test: test the product may be encountered under heavy load conditions, has the strength.
      2.Durability Fatigue test: test the product in reused under repeated loading experiments, has the strength.
      3.Impact test: test the ability to withstand the strength of the product under impact loading conditions encountered by chance.

      1.Do not often use careful, impossible misuse. For example: antique furnishings, and other small decorations ...
      2.Light-load use, misuse unlikely. For example: senior hotel furniture, office furniture ... and other executives
      3.Contained use, more prone to misuse. For example: general bedroom furniture, office furniture ... and other general
      4.Overloading use, often misused. For example: hotel lobby furniture, public places, such as furniture ...
      5.Regular use, very easy to misuse. For example: waiting rooms, cinemas and other furniture ...

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