Environmental Testing Chamber – 18584-2001
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      The new GB18584-2001 standard series of environmental climate chamber is artificial climate chamber, with controlled temperature and humidity, high temperature and high humidity, low humidity, high temperatures and low humidity and other environmental changes of precision temperature testing equipment.

      The new GB18584-2001 standard series of environmental climate chamber for electronic products, hardware, and other types of printing labels ... weather change performance experiments.

      1.Illumination, humidifying function
      2.Multi-window digital display
      3.1 -30 computer-controlled programmable segment can be set to 30 different control parameters
      4.optional RS485 communication interface, detailed operating data recording
      5.Temperature using PID control , high precision temperature control
      6.with the power and memory to ensure that equipment after a power outage , can run automatically directly from the breakpoint
      7.UV disinfection with superior functionality to ensure that equipment is in pristine environment
      8.stainless steel frame plus senior spraying, light and beautiful , never rust guarantee 
      9.with over-temperature , abnormal sensor protection
      10.Using high intelligent monitoring system that combines remote control port and data transfer interface , which enables remote control and editing functions such statements.

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