SATRA TM Standard Velcro Testing Machine
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  You have to know what SATRA is before understanding SATRA TM standard Velcro testing machine.
  Founded in the UK in 1919 global footwear certification body, SATRA is a certification authority on behalf of the world's footwear and benchmark many international brands and companies such as: Adidas, NIKE all use or reference SATRA relevant technical standards, and requires its suppliers must meet SATRA standard test requirements. And SATRA also ensure compliance with the latest European health and safety legislation, environmental services, and assist countries in setting ISO, SA (including SA8000 certification standards) and other certification systems, in the importing country provided technical barriers, SATRA is its legislative investigation to obtain legal important objects of evidence.
  With the integration of the world economy, understanding and application of SATRA series of standards, not only to ensure the development of enterprises, but also the development of its business, creating critical economy. Bond Testing Equipment Co., well-researched world testing technology, detection technology, equipment, measurement and control technology, have been working hard to pursue high standards of research and development, equipment manufacturing, high intelligence monitoring program high specification applications, multi-element design, high-efficiency low-carbon low consumption cut energy device, the Ministry related fields who won SATRA approved for the majority of brand-name enterprises, foreign institutions and footwear manufacturing companies to provide a high-security, high-performance, high-quality high-volume testing equipment and testing techniques, especially in recent Research on SATRA TM standard The Velcro test equipment, even more so.
  SATRA TM standard for compliance with The Velcro test equipment, mainly only for specific test methods, test equipment requirements and related technical parameters of SATRA TM 123 standards are: The Velcro fatigue testing machine, The Velcro shear strength testing machine, The Velcro stripping strength testing machine ... and so on.

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