ASTM F1566 Standard mattress Testing Machine
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  ASTM F 1566 standard mattress tester, English name: Cornell type tester is furniture manufacturing company key mattress durability testing equipment. With the development of science and technology, human requirements to improve sleep quality, Cornell type tester also constantly updated, not only has high intelligence in the test program, during simulation tests the durability of the state, but also closer to humanity.

      ASTM F 1566, mainly through simulated human body on a bed rolls back and forth, up and down the state of compression. Repeated impact on the mattress for a specific load blocks, solid retention assess its durability and spring.

      Technical Specifications:
       1. Load Range: 300KG
       2.Test volume: 2.3M × 2.5M
       3.test speed: 160 times / min
       4.Control system: a computer program based on the data and the location of the         transmitter pressure transmitter, sorting out the complete test report.

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