How to Promote the Instrumentation Industry
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  Currently, the development process instrumentation industry, there is also the internal structure is irrational, unreasonable product structure is not high economic efficiency, market share is not high, weak R & D department to develop problems. For these problems, now take a variety of solutions:
      1.Products have no market, long-term losses, losses hopeless enterprise, must be determined, bankrupt and closed. Through "workers who have their shares," the dynamic mechanism, the knowledge of technical and management personnel, as asset shares, the main technical and management personnel become the main interests of enterprises, as soon as possible in the industry market-oriented, self-seeking technological advances, new mechanisms to adjust the structure of consciousness. 
      2.products have a market but overburdened businesses operating difficulties can be asset reorganization and restructuring through mergers and acquisitions, joint and other forms. 
      3.state-owned enterprises have a certain strength and well-run, should take the initiative and actively explore and take advantage of the organization of joint-stock assets, attracting multi-investment, promote the expansion of its capital, and thus accelerate the development of these enterprises, in order to put these companies into the market . Secondly, through the length of combining internal and external integration of product structure adjustment. In the product structure adjustment, on the one hand to suppress the "long-term" products through subtraction, but more important is to do when structural adjustment "addition" not blindly chases market selling products. Once, all localities and departments to increase while reckless selling product lines, with the result that the product caused by excess production capacity and a new round of product structure is irrational

  Therefore, innovation is the soul of a nation, technological innovation is to achieve structural adjustment, product upgrades and new economic growth point of the powerful thrusters, is an important means of progress.
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