EN717-1 Formaldehyde Detection Equipment
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   With the improvement of living standards, combined with the current environmental impact, consumers is also more and more attention on the surrounding environment. Especially on issues VOC and formaldehyde and other harmful gases, not only directly affect human life and health, the environment is more harmful predators.
  Therefore, regardless of the purification and the elimination of a number of factors in home decoration, factory emissions, air pollution, VOC and formaldehyde and other harmful gases, to create a more environmentally clean pollution-free living, is the current urgent need to deal with the problem.
  Based on the above special circumstances , combined with the current high-tech , specially developed EN717-1 standard formaldehyde emission test equipment , not only can effectively test formaldehyde content , more precise monitoring of the harmful gas emissions and the release of various hazardous substances degree .
  EN717-1 standard formaldehyde emission test equipment is based on the standard EN-717-1, ASTM E1333-96 (2002) , design and development , the use of Germany, Japan and the latest technology , with the import of hardware , performance and intelligent touch control interface test operation not only functional strength can help achieve remote control of your computer , so mechatronic systems with PLC programmable effectively combine rational and efficient , great to meet the test of high intelligence , high humane, environmentally oriented functionality.
  If you want to further understand the detailed parameters and technical equipment, please consult our technical engineering department! Sincerely for your service!

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