Furniture Instrumentation Applications(Aggregated by Baidu)
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  With the rapid development of real estate and related industries , the furniture industry have taken advantage of access to a huge space for development, therefore , to understand the furniture applications testing instruments, laboratory equipment, furniture can not only comprehensive monitoring system has a deep understanding , better able to understand the furniture appropriate test equipment and different types of furniture testing applicability , and thus enhance the performance of the overall mechanical properties of the physical properties of the furniture .
  From the structure , furniture can be divided into : wood and software ; from using the occasion into ; office, home , entertainment , stations , car and leisure plaza ; divided from the material : wood , plywood , plastic , metal, foam and plastic cotton.
  Detection materials and materials commonly used furniture universal testing machine, you can for the furniture accessories , such as: for testing the mechanical properties of textiles, leather , plastic , rubber, metal , wood and other materials.
  Whole class furniture, furniture is usually combined with comprehensive strength testing machine, stand with stability testing machine, arm strength testing machine , casters endurance test machine , drop test machine furniture , furnishings and other impact testing machine ... show all aspects of mechanical properties of furniture and multi-angle detection equipment.
  Furniture testing in furniture manufacturing , sales, market share , along with the progress of the market, increasingly attention internationally. In contrast, in recent years , China among countries and industries for furniture testing, more and more attention.

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