The Structure、Technical Specification of Tensile Strength Testing Machine
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  Tensile strength testing machine is useful for textiles, leather, plastics, and software and packaging materials, in the detection of the most important mechanical properties testing equipment. With the development of technology, pull pressure testing machine related application technology has also been a considerable increase, now in BANG Instrument Co., Ltd. produces BA-10C, for example, describes its main technical parameters.
      1.Structural parameters: including design specifications, size, shape, color and structure of each other with the size, high precision parts.
      2.Transmission: can be divided into two kinds, such as electric transmission or hydraulic oil transmission.
      3.control system parameters: control system applications can be divided into separate chips and computer processing system; distribution control system can be divided into: microcomputer control system, PLD control systems, computer control system pulse

  Related testing equipment: universal testing machine, tensile and compressive strength testing machine ... etc., in the scope of application is also related to the application of the above-mentioned technical parameters, but the market making process and practices vary, also affect the relative accuracy of the product.

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